SMART Board® 800 Series

Hands-on learning, intuitive capabilities

A catalyst for class participation. Intuitive design. Engaging digital workspace. True multi-student collaboration and small group learning. Encourage critical thinking and problem-solving. Spark better learning outcomes for all. Powered by SMART Learning Suite.

Powered by SMART Learning Suite.

SMART Learning Suite included

The SMART Board® 800 includes access to four of the world's best education software tools:

  • SMART Notebook: The world-leading software designed for education.
  • SMART lab: Create engaging activities in less than 5 minutes.
  • SMART amp: Discover co-creation on a level you’ve never seen.
  • SMART response 2: Quick and effective formative assessment.

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Streamline your classroom with a fully-integrated system. The SMART Board® 800 series, with projector controls, is compatible with with Epson PowerLite® 530, 680 and 685W projectors for SMART.

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