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Home of the SMART Board®

Smartboards UK offer the full range of Smart Interactive displays for Education and Business.

6000 Series & 7000 Series available.

The iconic hub of today's classroom now comes in several more different models. Choose unrivaled interactive displays that bring devices, education software and lesson content together, or a display that simply lets you share your screen. No matter your decision, you can be certain it meets our decades long standard of quality and innovation. 

Experience precise, intuitive touch performance in an elegant, sophisticated package with the SMART Board interactive displays. 

Bring the touch-enabled capabilities of a SMART Board interactive whiteboard to your plasma or LCD flat-panel display and overlay. SMART Board interactive displays combine easy-to-use interactivity with the eye-catching visuals of flat-panel displays.

These high-definition all-in-one collaboration system feature touch-enabled, commercial-grade, flat-panel displays, unobtrusive control panel and multi-user pen trays.

Equipped with DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology and including SMART Meeting Pro(for Business purposes) or SMART Learning Suite software (for Education), each enabling writing in digital ink over the standard applications you use every day.

Not only will you experience crisp, high-definition images, interactive displays also make interacting with your files an intuitive experience. Write with a pen or your finger and erase with your fist.

Touch the screen to open documents, launch applications and navigate the Internet, and because the they support touch gestures, you can manipulate objects with gestures like zoom, rotate, pan, flick and toss.

Two people can write, erase and manipulate objects simultaneously, while the displays automatically recognize what each user is doing and responds accordingly.

With SMART Interactive Displays, your team has more options for generating ideas, capturing feedback and ensuring sessions run smoothly and efficiently.

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